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Pls note : All translations are made by me and might not be accurate. It's for reading pleasure only and copying is not allowed. Thanks..

All members interview

Comment on the songs of your single [Primary colours]

1.Silvery Promise
Caim : Well, song title explains it. This piece of music is as it is. It's the exchange of love bwtween the couple just before marriage, [Giniro no yakusoku]... understand? ^^
Shinobu : The pop side of Zephyr. Therefore lovers, please listen to this music.
Taka : Very bright and positive pop tune. It's a crimson red piece. Therefore it's very difficult.
Itsuki : It's an experiencing single. It looks like it is but it isn't.
Shin : It's a wish(song) for everyone.

2. ethel
Caim :Saw in the dictionary that it's a female's name. The sorrow of a woman missing her lover, her actions..
the point is something like this.
Shinobu : It's a little hard, it was scribbled.
Taka : Sounds like Zephyr's music. It's a beautiful and painful piece..
Itsuki :It's a painful music. Rhythm is a splendid and difficult piece.
Shin : Notice the arrangements.

3. Moebius
Caim : This vast world, the spinning of the time, the encounters of the heart's feelings of delights.. it's such a music.
And the song title and music is by Shinobu.
Shinobu : For the first time, the whole lyric was written. Please listen to the live together without fail.
Taka : Appearance of a new face? For sure it's a feeling music.
Itsuki : I find it enjoyable to be the target during performance.
Shin : Have to memorize the chorus during live.

What are the hardships making Primary colours to be a hit?
Caim : Recording it is really dreadful.
Shinobu : The moment when the music and production are put out.
Taka : At the last moment of Moebius, something happened.
Itsuki : The pressure of the demo tape which must not be crossed over.
Shin : Expressing emotion in the music.

Conversely, what makes Primary colours into the best music?
Caim : The happening - of seeing through the process and ojectivity while enjoying the music.
Shinobu : The moment the music takes form.
Taka : Recording the music.
Itsuki : Think of putting out the cd for the first time.. very happy..
Shin : Alot

Favourite song in Primary Colours and why?
Caim : Ethel. I like this world's appearance.
Shinobu : This is good. What to say!!
Taka : Ethel. It's wonderful and has a nice beginning.
Itsuki : Silvery Promise, live guest enjoys this music
Shin : Silvery Promise, it's the best piece.

Now what's important in Primary Colours? Also what exists?
Caim : The proof of existence. My breathing here, singing, there is
Shinobu : There is no subsitution for this treasure.
Taka : 1st Maxi single!
Itsuki : It's the first cd that commerates everything!
Shin : It's the assembly of zephyr members' works and feelings

What's your role in Zephyr?
Caim : straight man (in comedy)
Shinobu : Skillful at guitar, a drinker
Taka : poison..
Itsuki : base group
Shin : joke

What's the highlight of live?
Caim : The music change according to the atmosphere
Shinobu : The occasion chat with the MC
Taka : Atmosphere
Itsuki : The youth overflooding live
Shin : World spectacular

Where are the places you'll visit during music tour?
Caim : Strolling in the strange place.
Shinobu : Go for famous food stuffs
Taka : food also.
Itsuki : Looking out at scenery from the car
Shin : Famous food and things

What is Zephyr doing lately?
Caim : Playing with language. For Shinobu's gag
Shinobu : What??!
Taka : language to accquire
Itsuki : playing with language

What's the best delight?
Caim : Reading fan letters
Shinobu : Handling MP3, but there's no way to use it.
Taka : very little
Itsuki : the happenings at live
Shin : Making good music

What's the most important?
Caim : Mother, brother, friends
Shinobu : beer!!
Taka : Alot
Itsuki :
Shin : surrounding people

The number one thing now?
Caim : Clothes, Shoes, relaxing place and time
Shinobu : Beer!!
Taka : accessory
Itsuki : Gucci clothes
Shin : Perfume

What is interesting now?
Caim : Photographs. Bought a proper camera and took pictures along the strolls.
Shinobu : love
Taka : Oil painting
Itsuki : i-mode
Shin : perfume

Which artistes influence you?
Caim : Other than me, all the artistes
Shinobu : Zi=kill, Die in cries, B'z, Motori-kuru, Extreme Etc..
Taka : Alot, especially western musicians.
Itsuki : Laruku's Tetsu
Shin : Dream theater

Who do you respect?
Caim : Mother
Shinobu : Ore
Taka : Ma-no bettenko-to
Itsuki : Alot, Tetsu, the manager, Toshiya (^^ surprise!)
Shin : Shinya (luna sea)

What's your recommended cds?
Caim : Cocco and Close ( ^^ yah cocco and Close are good)
Shinobu : Cocco's Rapunzal
Taka :Ojyaru, Mai kuraki's album (ohh so is Mai kuraki's ^^)
Itsuki : Oasis's new album (^-^ so long never listen to them already... )
Shin : Mai kuraki's delicious way

What melody did you put on the handphone?
Caim : Kyuuen no getsu, Tuesday suspense's theme
Shinobu : normal
Taka : Karaki Mai's Secret of my heart (erm my fav song of kuraki.. )
Itsuki : B'z's Itsuka no Merry-Christmas
Shin : Ayumi's Seasons

How much is the telephone bill?
Caim : Around 10-20 thousand yen
Shinobu : Paying around there too.
Taka : Around 10-20 thousand yen
Itsuki : Around 10 thousand yen
Shin :

One sentence
Caim : Summer's night .. ahh summer's night.. it's extremely hot. For the time being it's 5.7.5
Shinobu : Noisy!
Taka : Unreasonable!

Talk about the other members in the band. The good and bad points.

Caim's good point
Caim : me talking about my own good point?
Shinobu : smart and tactful
Taka : Skillful (im many ways)
Itsuki : Knows alot, sees him like an elder brother
Shin : Skillful in talking

Caim's bad point
Caim : Tempestuous emotions
Shinobu : Magazine reporter
Taka : Tempestuous emotions
Itsuki : --
Shin : Likes dark places

Shinobu's good point
Caim : Does not have adult feel. A pun.
Shinobu : Everything
Taka : A little playful, gag.
Itsuki : Like Caim has said.
Shin : Good at seeing difficulties

Shinobu's bad point
Caim : Does not have adult feel. A pun.
Shinobu : Nothing
Taka : Liar, gag
Itsuki : Short-tempered
Shin : A drunkard

Taka's good point
Caim : Understands colors
Shinobu : most talkative among the members.
Taka : Handles everything with thoughts
Itsuki : Has his own opinions
Shin : Composure

Taka's bad point
Caim : Not able to express properly about his anger
Shinobu : Shy with others (but not within members)
Taka : Thinks of everything negative
Itsuki : Doesn't listen to people's opinions
Shin : Prefers dark places

Itsuki's good point
Caim : 'My pace'. Natural
Shinobu : Good meaning 'my pace'. Split the bass.
Taka : Does things faintly
Itsuki : 'my pace'
Shin : It goes beyond 'my pace'.

Itsuki's bad point
Caim : Too overly 'my pace'. Doesn't listen to other's opinion.
Shinobu : 'my pace'. Oversleep during migrations(moving about).
Taka : Slow
Itsuki : 'my pace'
Shin : Does not do his upmost

Shin's good point
Caim : There's no hatred. Natural
Shinobu : Good at food. Strikes the drum. Mood maker.
Taka : Is dependable probably
Itsuki : Very natural
Shin :

Shin's bad point
Caim : Over natural
Shinobu : Bad at food.
Taka : but undependable
Itsuki : left things carelessly all over the place
Shin : Doesn't listen to what people say.

Lastly what do you want to say to people who bought Primary Colours?
Caim : Really really thank you!!
Shinobu : Let Zephyr know your thoughts. Thank you for buying!! Please like listening to the cd.
Taka : Thank you.
Itsuki : Always listen to the cd.
Shin : Please come to the live.

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